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Rules for Members

At UK Decorators Network you have a great opportunity to engage with a rapidly growing database of local decorators in your area and greatly increase your business network. We actively encourage you to post pictures of your work, if you need work or if you require the services of others. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you need solutions to a problem or issue, there is an abundance of knowledge in the Forum and we all have different methods or have preferred materials for a particular problem. In order for you to be a part of the Forum there are rules that all members MUST abide by and they are as follows:

1. Do not be abusive to fellow members
2. Do not screenshot another members work pictures to post in another Forum or your own personal profile and make derogatory comments about the pictures posted
3. Do not copy another members photos to use for your own portfolios
4. Do not bring personal disputes to the Forum, if there is a member you do not personally get along with, ignore their posts.
5. Directly advertising your business is not allowed unless Admin team set up a post for members to share business pages
6. You may post if you require the services of another member or if you have availability.
7. Once a member you are required to friend request the admin profile “South Dec”, this will enable the admin team to tag you on posts that we feel you can help with, i.e. you are looking for help on a job to move it along and we know of a member in your area looking for work.
8. Actively connect with fellow members, be polite, have a laugh, respect each other AND most of all remember we are all here to help each other one or another.
9. ALL posts MUST be workday/decorating related.
10. Do not block any member of the admin team.

Any breach of these rules will result in you being warned of the contravention and ultimately banned from the Forum.
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